Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Peter 050 - Bill

Bill was stoking the campfire in the caravan park at Quilpie (look it up!). He's a travelling musician, playing mostly bush ballads, based in Tamworth (why does that not surprise me?).

He's been doing the pubs and clubs circuit in the far west for a few weeks while his wife looked after the grandkids at home, and bunged on a bit of a show each night at the caravan park.

Photographically, well I'm pushing it a bit too far I think, I could have posted the "heat shot with old bottles in the background", but where's the learning curve in that?

(That's our home BTW, the tent in the background.)


Ann said...

Now we're starting to get the characters. Really like the flames in the foreground.

Ann said...

Just realised this is No. 50. Well done!

Julie said...

ooo yes ... the big 50 ... excellent!

This chap reminds me of the Colonel (KF Colonel). I find it fascinating the lives that some people live: so different to the norm. They go for quiet satisfaction. Sounds good ...