Saturday, May 16, 2009

Julie (122) - Toby cutting the boards

Toby is the hack of yet another would-be student politician. He cut a fine figure on Eastern Avenue tossing his extremely lanky frame all over the promenade belting out the most wonderfully sounding gutteral rock'n'blues!!

Ann - hope you don't mind but I wanted to try and tone down the glare and the washed out shirt.


Ann said...

Really like the naturalness of his expression and stance. Very candid. The glary shirt was annoying me - hope you don't mind me tinkering, I may have gone too far the other way with the background.

Julie said...

It was totally candid! He was swinging around all over the concourse like a thing possessed! And I snapped away ... eventually the girl with him - trying to keep up with him - pointed me out to him and for a split second he stopped then he wanted to jump in the air and have me shoot that. I knew I already had shots better than that. So we came together and chatted instead. Delightful young man ... great voice.

Dont mind the tinkering at all. I took it out of colour for that reason and increased the contrast by 15%. The printing on his shirt is a mid-green. This was my first venture into M after the course with Michaela last weekend. I had it on the wrong F-stop and did not secure the exposure enough.