Friday, May 15, 2009

Peter 052 - Teresa

Teresa is from Adelaide, but for eight months a year she forgoes her nursing career in the big smoke to work with her partner in the Bakery in Birdsville.

The morning we visited her they'd sold all of the 26 loaves of bread they'd baked because some "selfish" property owner had come into town and bought twenty of them.

The bread rolls were delicious.

No pictures for a bit I suspect as we are off into the wilds for a few days.


Julie said...

Birdsville! What a name to conjure up all those things quintessentially Australian. Look at Teresa's hands. Such nice fingers for spending 8 months a year in Birdsville.

How come does she have a long-sleeved top on? Don't tell me it was cold up there.

Ann said...

Birdsville! indeed. Have I told you how much I envy you? I really like the strong blue of her top contrasted with the warmth of her hair and the counter top.