Friday, May 22, 2009

Julie (127) - Julia gaining confidence

There were 9 of us doing the Natural Portraiture one-day course with Michaela through Eastern Suburbs Community College. This feature image was using the diffused light coming in from an inner courtyard and we were taught how to use a grey card to assess our exposure.

The smaller images were using a stronger light, although still natural. The first one is inside but capturing light streaming in an east-facing window and using white cardboard to reflect this natural light back onto the subject: a natural fill light. The last two were taken outside using a reflector disk.


Ann said...

Sounds like a really interesting course. When (if) I get my head around the technical stuff at WEA, I'd like to do a few of this type of course, one would be night photography. Had no idea the exposure line in the viewfinder worked like that. Mind you, I've never had the camera on manual.

Joan Elizabeth said...

With all this pro knowledge there is going to be no stopping you soon!