Monday, May 25, 2009

Julie (128) - Ian bemused by the entire day

Three portraits flagging progress: the two smaller ones were made earlier in the day and show poor use of light and over-exposure. The feature portait was made just prior to lunch using natural light flooding in from an east facing window.
F4.5, 1/80, ISO 400, 84 mm

F5, 1/320 (1/640 for the RHS), ISO 400, 84 mm


Ann said...

Were you on manual or did the camera set the exposure. The lighting is really good in the top one.

Julie said...

I have been on Manual 99% of the time since that first session with Michaela about 3 weeks ago!

I stuff it regularly - but try to take it again and learn from it. The hardest thing is to choose the F-stop to get the whole sequence started. But I am enjoying it more and more now that I have just this tiny bit of knowledge. Yes, I know a little knowledge can be dangerous ...

Everything I took at the SWF and down around Millers Point was all taken on Manual. I have switched over completely now.