Saturday, May 9, 2009

Peter 048 - Big Bob

I was wandering the streets of Nambour the evening before last, when I came across Big Bob.

The light was poor and I couldn't get a shutter speed high enough to cope with the movement in his err... girth. I'm not saying he's larger than life, but Bob is the Mayor of the Sunshine Coast Region, and plays harmonica in a blues band.

Of course he won his seat on the back of his electoral slogan:

Big Bob For the Big Job.

(I'm sitting in the err... chill of the river bank at Dalby at the moment, so the new technology seems to be working for now at least!)


Julie said...

Those red braces go down a treat, Peter. Big Bob's slogan reminds me of one from the Student Union elections currently underway: Frownless with Brownless.

Oh to be on the banks of the Dalby ...

Ann said...

Yay for technology. He looks quite a character, more interesting than the usual grey man or woman in council. No idea where the Dalby is but its got to be better than here.