Thursday, May 14, 2009

Peter 051 - Franka

While this photo was taken quite early in the morning in Quilpie, we first caught up with Franka on the road between Quilpie and Thargominda.

She's riding her bicycle from Adelaide to the Gulf with no agenda other than to show others that "older woman" can do anything they set their hearts on. Her husband accompanied her in a small campervan as the support vehicle, and she was happily covering around seventy kilometres every day.

This is a real "souvenir" photo for us, and I'll happily fix it when we get home. The lighting was deliberate, I'm not sure that it worked and it was taken about an hour after sunrise.


Julie said...

G'day ... this is probably and indicator that the journey is not over by a long shot but ... what's to fix?

I love the light ... she is a gorgeous woman.

I love the bands of shade over the red earth.

I love the eucalypts.

I love those unpronounceable bloody names!!

Are ya there yet?

Ann said...

I'm with Julie - what's to fix? I think the lighting works well. Its that beautiful morning light and it highlights the most important part of the scene - Franka.

Re you comment about my 100th - was it the culmination of learning or a lucky shot. A bit of both. I knew enough to recognise a really good subject, had the courage to ask him and enough experience to frame some good shots. I also always had the intention of taking him to b&w - its that kind of face. Technically it wasn't great (set on P)and I did a bit of work on levels and unsharp mask to improve it. Hopefully I'll learn much more about doing technical stuff in camera over the next 8 weeks.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Glad your posting again Pete and glad the technology is holding up at least for the moment. The lighting in this one is great and I loved the campfire shot of the other day.