Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ann - Chess Players (2)

Shooting details same as the others.


Julie said...

The problem that I think I can see here, is that the foreground - the chess board - is over exposed whereas the man is about right.

How are we meant to overcome that? You meter the two areas and then split the difference some how?

Ann said...

I suspect Marco's response would be underexpose and fix in photoshop. Its bad enough trying to take photos on the fly without adding maths as well (which I can't do).

Julie said...

Marco and Michaela are totally different in style and in what they concentrate on. Joan and Di would not give you tuppence for Marco!

I find it so much easier to get it right in the camera. I do very little processing now. I dont even do much cropping. When I look through the view-finder I know when I have what I can use.

I watched Casablanca the other night at our montly old fillum night and all I could see were bloody b&w still shots ... Would love to get a shot of an old chinese fella with ciggy smoke curling around his head and out of his nostrils ... yeah yeah forget the health aspects ... THIS IS ART!!

Ann said...

I far prefer to get it right in camera as well, after all that's what we are supposed to be learning, not how to post process. However, with shots like these I feel that I can't spend sufficient time or take sufficient shots to do that. In hindsight, apart from the first shot, I don't think I looked at the histograms. I haven't cropped for weeks.

Ann said...

Once this week is over I'm going to go back and reread my travel photography books. Hopefully now I'll get a lot more out of them. Also need to go back out to the photo shop and buy some more cards, lens hood etc.