Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Julie (147) - unknown boy in park

This is my next aim: to be able to pan! The stats for these: F11, 1/100, ISO=100 200mm. Totally consistent. However, if I had downed the aperture, I could have upped the s/s to something much more extreme and totally shut down the movement. But then the image would have lost that sense of movement and fun that my eye was capturing.

This is not a legitimate Stranger: I did not ask his permission, nor that of his father. I did not get his name nor exchange any words with him. However, this is where my portraiture is up to. I will approach the parent next time. I want to be able to capture this sort of extreme action ...


Ann said...

No comment on these as its something I haven't been able to do properly myself. The exposure looks pretty good.

Julie said...

Re Ferris Wheel .. Marco adjusted my tripod and I now carry a small screwdriver. He showed me buttons on the tripod I did not know did anything.

Julie said...

Re Government HOuse.

The atmosphere was woeful!! They were just chairs in a row in a wrongly shaped room. And the HHT audience was not ready to see a black man and his mother play dirges. Many of the men in the audience shifted uncomfortably in their seats all bloody night.

The average age was older than me. Than ME!!

Julie said...

I am going to draw up a list of small things that I need: hood, brush, wipes, cards etc etc.

Then I am going to read through my manual from cover to cover like I did with my old camera.

What I tend to do is overkill a new skill. I take a photo, check the histogram, take, check, take, check.
Then I can eventually do it by rote: I just take a guess and it turns out to be bloody well right for christs' sake!

I am looking at the light, judge the aperture. Or I look at the action and think whether I want to freeze it or show it. I already have my WB and my ISO set as I enter into each opportunity. I am a bit bull at gate though.

You would not have picked that of me ... would you????

Ann said...

I'm still having to try and remember to check the WB and ISO. I choose the aperture, then fiddle with the shutter speed till the camera says its right. My problem is that it often isn't so I think I'm metering off the wrong place, or need to learn to over or underexpose in certain circumstances. I guess its just practice. I'm pretty happy with the night shots but the day ones are a bit all over the place. I don't know how to handle a shot which is part shade part sun etc.

bitingmidge said...

I'm interested to hear more about the exposure on your day shots. I do think that it's the Aussie light as much as anything (OK I know there are plenty of other places which have harsh light, too)

There are just such extremes of light and shade when the sun is shining brightly, that it's difficult to get right. It's good when we are trying to capture shadows, not much good when we aren't, yet some people seem to manage it.

When you work out how, please let me know!