Monday, June 22, 2009

Ann - Ice Hockey

1/50, F1.8, ISO800
I think this is a girl. No enhancement to this one.


Julie said...

Yep, my head can make sense of those stats.

You have opened the aperture up as far as it will go (F1.8), opened the ISO sufficiently to avoid too much grain (800 even though I gather you can go to 3200) and this gives you the ability to have a medium fast s/s of 1/50.

Good capture ... just that the WB is a bit cold for me ... but probably appropriate for ice-skating.

bitingmidge said...

I agree with Julie, a quick touch up on the WB and it'd go from good to great.

On the other hand, she does look cold......

Ann said...

Pretty sure that's the lighting on the rink, not the WB, which is why I left it.