Sunday, June 21, 2009

Julie (146) - Christine explaining

Christine was in her kitchen cooking up a storm prior to us trundling down to Wharf 1 to see "Elling" last night. Which was absolutely wonderful, by the way.

She had overhead lighting on which was dim and she has a copper dye in her hair. I wanted the way the light interacted with the hair and she was prepared just to yak at me as I shot away which is a first as she usually sticks her tongue out!

The stats will be similar for each non-processed shot. Here they are for the top right image: F5.0, 1/40, ISO=800, WB=Fluro, 74mm, sRGB

So I whacked it into Photostudio (the Canon equivalent) and reduced the saturation by about 50%, increased the brightness by about 30% and then increased the contrast by 20%. It now looks washed out but this might only be in comparison. I think my stats are consistent. I should have tried tungsten to cool it down, I suspect.

I will try again next weekend (we gals are gathering to watch Casablanca as the inaugural "Cinema East" offering of old filums) and this time I will use tungsten and maybe try fill-flash and see if that destroys the lights in the hair. Now to tell her that I have posted it ... and then to duck!!


Ann said...

Doesn't look as washed out on this screen as it does on my home screen. Really annoying that difference because you know you are not seeing the actual shot. I'm surprised its fluro WB, looks more like cloudy, mine tend to have a blue or mauve tinge with both fluro and tungsten. You might be better working with levels rather than the other settings. I think you reduced the saturation a bit too much. I find I get much better results using levels to bring up or reduce the colour.

Julie said...

Here I go again: umm ... what are/is levels?

Ann said...

Levels is a feature in Photoshop (if Gimp is similar to Elements its probably there as well) where you can use sliders on the histogram to change the black white and midtones so you end up with a histogram that looks more like it should have in the first place. In PSE its under Enhance/Lighting I think.