Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ann - Joel

1/1600, F2.8, ISO200
Geting better (I hope) the landscape one is only slightly sharpened, the portrait one is a lot more photoshopped as it was very dark.

1/3200, F2.8, ISO200, levels adjusted, sharpened


Julie said...

Yes, quite different for you. What are the stats for each, please.

Here is what I would be looking to do given this opportunity:

either all shade or all light

avoid the spot of light

use flash fill

Was this the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park today? Poor buggers ...

Ann said...

The fill flash ones were too washed out.

Easy enough to say all that but he was working so I couldn't move him around. I don't think they are that different, compositionally they are much the same as many others I've taken. However, they are an improvement on the first ones I took on manual.

Julie said...

There is a big difference in how we each approach our subjects. I rarely have mine look into my camera. On the occasions when I do, THAT is probably when I CAN get them to move at my bidding.

Otherwise, I tell them that I want to photograph them at work and that I will just lurk around the edges so long as I have their permission. So then, I become the one who moves and I walk as much as 360 degrees as the situation allows me. This brings the background to the front of my mind.

Different methods work for different photographers.

Anonymous said...