Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ann - Terry

sRGB conversion

Adobe RGB original

Portrait practice as part of lesson 3 of WEA course. This one isn't bad but not quite focussed. The others are either underexposed (too much light in the background), out of focus (working with manual focus) or both.


Julie said...

He is very photogenic - I have some of him taken during class.

I am not attempting manual focus as yet. It is such a challenge and their is such a narrow band where you nail it.

Golly the day was bleak wasn't it ...

Ann said...

Converted back to sRGB - there's definitely a difference. Thankfully, its really easy to do, in Elements its Image - Convert Colour Profile, . Julie, have a look in GIMP and see if you have something similar.

Julie said...

The skin tone is mucho better and the yellow now positively pops!