Monday, June 8, 2009

Julie (138) - Ross taking the piss

This is no stranger: this is my little brother. I liked the portrait so much, I felt obliged to foist it on you. The three of us took Dad out to North Head for Devonshire Tea for his birthday.


Julie said...

Ann, have a look at the colours you and I are both getting at the moment. This is a result of Marko switching us on the RGB scale. I will read up about that. It is not as vibrant as I had before.

Ann said...

That's interesting, I was surprised when he told us to use Adobe because my manual says use SRGB for everyday use. Wonder if that's got something to do with the washed out blues.

The portraits I took on the ferry yesterday are atrocious. The ones in the shade are very blue, the others are completely overexposed. Why didn't I look at the histogram!

I'll put a couple up as an example of how not to do it, maybe you can help me work out what happened.

Got some great shots of OH and some not too bad ones of MCA, ended up getting a taxi home, legs were killing me. Really enjoyed yesterday, it was good fun and I learnt a lot.