Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cara (023) Sinéad

Sinéad, belting out a tune, is Niamh's twin sister and both were friends of my cousin (on guitar). I've brightened this up using a very basic program I found on my parents' computer called Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition. It's a one-click fix and has really just made it brighter and more noisy. Once again used without a flash and looking at the information on the file, taken at 3.28am. It doesn't tell me what ISO I was on and I have formatted the memory card but it was probably not high enough. If I had bumped it up to the highest ISO, would I have ended up with a noisy picture anyway? I think I am going to give up with these indoor night shots until Santa brings me a giant multi-directional flash.


Ann said...

I find I can't hand hold at ISO1600 (my fastest ISO) with the 18-250 lens). Sometimes I can at 800 but not always. I didn't like the results using flash (all harsh shadows and reflections) but now I know how to turn the flash down it might be a lot better, haven't tried it much. Its only in camera flash so not very flexible.

bitingmidge said...

Ann, I am sure you are getting confused with numbers somewhere here.

The ISO doesn't make any difference to whether you can hand hold, that's the shutter speed.

It may be that when you are at ISO 1600 your camera auto function reduces the speed rather than the aperture.

Try the higher ISO, and manually setting the speed at 1/100 or greater.

Cara must be home and over her jetlag now!

cara said...

I'm home but not over my jetlag. It's always much worse coming to Australia. We've all been passing out on the couch in the afternoon and waking up during the night. This morning we were eating our porridge by 4.30!
It's funny you mention the light, Peter. It's one thing that has really struck me since getting back - everything is so shiny and sparkly. It feels like I've been wandering around with the light turned down. I'll be back out tomorrow.