Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cara (022) Niamh

Shooting inside without a flash is presenting all sorts of problems. A friend of mine has one of those big fancy flashes and I love the results. I have plenty of brighter images of Niamh but I had to make her stay still to minimize the camera shake and so I ended up with school photo poses which was all very nice and official but in the light of day not at all what I was after. This one, while dark, captures much more of her character (or what I can remember of it... these family gathering parties are a little taxing on the memory... and the liver).


Julie said...

...*grin* ... welcome to OUR world!!

So glad you think like this: this is a lovely fresh shot of Niamh.

F3.8, 1/80, tungsten, shutter priority and exposure bias +0.3

To me, I think the aperture and s/s are consistent: you dont have much light and you know she is going to giggle!

I cannot find a reading for your ISO, but you maybe needed that at 800. And your exposure compensation is only just into positive territory. You could maybe have whacked this up to its max (which on my canon is +2.0).

Now if those two things did not help, take her and sit her closer to a table lamp!

Ann said...

Welcome to my world. This is one reason why I bought the 50mm F1.8 lens. I can hand hold at F1.8 at ISO 800 and usually 1600 and it lets in a lot of light. Its also very good at night. My last shots in the office were all hand held without flash with this lens. I had a look at the multidirectional flashes but the one I'd want is fairly large, expensive and more crap to carry around.