Monday, June 1, 2009

Julie (134) - Kim making a film assignment

These three are in reverse order of me making them. I fluked upon Kim and his friends (maybe anothoer 5 youths) preparing an assignment for Film in the graffiti tunnel which involved a lot of running and shoving and enthusiasm and noise. They got even worse when they knew I was shooting Kim shooting them. They were lovely and friendly though.

Firstly, the WB is too cold. Secondly, the focus is not crystal clear. I would have liked to have been more to the front ... but probably would have been in the midst of the stampede. I was relatively content. I had tried. I think I will be fine over the weekend if I ask another six or so subjects.

Feature shot: F 5.6, 1/40, ISO 400, 163mm
Next: F.5.6, 1/40, ISO 400, 84mm
Last: F5.6, 1/40, ISO 400, 65mm
That shows the problem quite graphically: I kept getting closer to him but did not change any of the exposure readings.


Ann said...

Not too bad, at least you are trying. I'm still having a problem getting my head around all this. Every time I think I've got the right exposure set it doesn't work. Probably because I change the focal length or the light changes. Its so bloody hard.

I retook one of my earliest portraits this morning using manual. Looks good on camera, much, much better than the first time but I don't know if its in focus. Will put it up tonight.

I feel as though I've gone backwards. I felt like I was starting to take half way decent photos until I started the course, now I feel like I'm right back at the beginning with very little idea what I'm doing, which is why I haven't put any shots up on either blog this week. I'm getting dispirited.

Julie said...

Argh ... dont get dispirited!

This is called plateau-ing: it is the phase where real learning occurs. The brain is consolidating everythiing that has been fed into it and just needs time and repetition to get it bedded down.

Did the session in CP go ahead on Sunday or cancelled due to weather?

If you have a spare 2 hours over the long weekend, let's just you and I have an excursion. I am going to an antiques fair up here at the uni on the Sunday (which is open from 11 to 5pm) if that is of any interest.

We can shoot, check, reshoot for 2 hours until our brains are waterlogged.

Just dont get dispirited ...