Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Julie (135) - Justine cleaning out the office

Above: F4.5, 1/15, ISO 400, 79mm
Below: F5, 1/2, ISO 400, 74mm

So I opened the aperture to its furthest extent to let in more light because I knew I had to speed up the shutter to stop the camera shake because of the low light. However, if I had also upped the ISO from 400 to 800 that would have let in more light and I could have sped up the shutter just that little bit more and reduced the shake.

That's my analysis anyways ... do you agree/disagree?

Justine is not a stranger: she is a colleague in the next pod.


Ann said...

The shutter speeds are too low to hand hold. I took another one of David this morning (poor boy) and went to 1600 which upped the speed to 1/40 or so. They seem better but forgot to bring the card reader in so can't upload them. If it hasn't worked the only way round it that I can see is 1 - use tripod, or 2 - use flash.

I did ask Marco about hand holding and he said the rule is generally the slowest you can hand hold is the reciprocal of the focal length (I've read this elsewhere as well), ie 79 and 74 mm is probably 1/80 although I think you can hand hold a bit lower than this especially if you can steady yourself against something. 1/2 sec would be far too slow.

Julie said...

I think that reciprocal rule holds for film cameras. Both Marko and that other chicky-babe were brought up on film cameras and this is the focal lengths that they keep sprouting and I am not sure that they have converted to digital.