Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cara (011) Roberto

One of the best things about London is that when the sun comes out, people taken advantage of it while they can. Barbeques are organised hastily, pub gardens fill to overflowing and the parks are littered with sunbathers. Roberto had it all going on. I was scanning around the crowd looking for a subject and there he was by himself doing push-ups and being just generally buff. It turns out he's only been in London for 3 months. He's from Puerto Rico and teaches salsa.


Julie said...

Wu-hoo!! Way to go, Cara!!

We have had two examples of the great Australian lean, now this one of the buff body sprawl. The framing here is spot on. I love that shadow of his hair. And even the sunnies work in this one. The shadow is good because of the light on the nose.

This is such a good image. How are you shooting all these? ARe you manual in any way? I reckon you should try it.

Ann said...

Wow! and that's not a comment on the quality of the photo (although that's good as well).

Shaun said...

Nice pic. Sounds like it was a mutually beneficial opportunity...:::)))

cara said...

Thanks! I was spoiled for choice with him. Every picture came out well.
I was in fully manual mode.

Just arrived in Chania in Crete with internet access but no uploading facilities so there'll be a break in the pictures until I get back to London in a week. I hope I can find some good subjects while I'm here!