Monday, June 1, 2009

Ann - David V2

ISO 800, 1/13, F4, 29mm, Fluro, Adobe RGB.
I first photographed David back at No. 49 and the colour was all wrong. I'm much happier with this one. Its my first portrait on full manual, the colour is a lot better but I think the shutter speed is a little too slow to hand hold. Don't know what the solution is (apart from a tripod - which I wouldn't want to use in this situation) as its on the widest aperture. I really think I need to get a 50mm lens. The earlier set of photos is below. They were taken on auto with flash at ISO 400, 1/10, F4, 18mm.


Julie said...

This is a more open image: it is better composed. Can you see that when directly compared with the three earlier images down below?

Now I am just learning this new bit - as are you.

Let's start wuith aperture: it is F4 in both cases. This is about as low as either of my lens will go. So lets figure you set that first. THis is as open as you can go.

My guess, too, is that your s/s is a bit too slow. You go from 1/10 to 1/13 and you can see the movement in his hands: this is s/s not camera shake.

I know that many cameras have an ISO much higher than 800 but I have never used anything higher. It adds to much grit to the image.

Compare this fully manual shot of yours to mine of Laurel and Mary on Saturday. Mine is much more impacted: I needed to make more allowance for how much light I actually had.

So ... go and get another shot indoors. Just one ... let's see if we each can get just one that is indoors or at least under semi-cover and see if we can get the aperture and the s/s a little closer to what is appropriate.

Let's nail his bastard ...

bitingmidge said...

I'm sitting in my tent, (not alone) in my sleeping bag with the heater going full bore, 'cause it's about four degrees outside, and I'm really loving reading all this.

REALLY loving it!