Monday, June 1, 2009

Peter 058 - Trilby

There's not too much Trilby doesn't know about the bush, its plants and animals. She's pretty much a bush tucker encyclopaedia, and her knowledge comes from years in the bush working on fencing contracts and mustering.

She also has a pretty fair hand on Astronomy, enough to run the show at the Arkaroola observatory. Perhaps not amazingly, she learned that from books, while she was living under the stars, working from her swag as a Jillaroo.

This is a shot which has an extraordinary memory attached, as we spent a morning in the bush with herself and her children sniffing plants, chewing berries and generally trying not to freeze! Her husband Jack isn't too bad at the wheel of a Troop Carrier either!


Ann said...

I really like the soft olives and the wonderful red soil of this photo. There's nothing like the colours of Australia.

Steffe said...

Living under the stars I like the sound of that!