Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Julie (139) - Kevin & Wendy (a lesson!)

Most of the Strangers posted during this week, were taken at an Antiques Fair held at Sydney University on Sunday. They all have problems that I need to discuss.

Wendy by herself: F6.3, 1/50, 1600, 171 mm
Kevin by himself: F4.5, 1/50, 1600, 90 mm
Together: F5.6, 1/3, 800, 55 mm

The aperture was fairly wide in all three. The couple image was taken on way too low s/s even though I had corrected what I thought the problem was: too high ISO and way too far away. I think I will try something Ann suggested yesterday: take some portraits on Tv and see what aperture is selected by the camera and learn from that.


Julie said...

This is the same sort of hassle I had with 135 Justine. The stuffed images look very similar.

Firstly, when indoors dont stand too far away from the subject. Then ensure that the ISO is 1600 and that the WB is either cloud or tungsten. Then that the s/s is above say 1/25. Then get the best aperture possible for the above.

I will try that for a day or so and see what the results are.

What I had done at the Antiques Fair, was go around and ask about 6 stall holders if I could take shots of them working. Some wanted to pose, but I explained to them that defeated the purpose to a very large extent. I then spent about 2 hours, just wandering and shooting them when they were doing something of interest. I was trying not to get in the way of them chatting up customers and closing sales. I think that was my downfall, actually./

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