Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Julie (140) - Rex & Irina (another lesson!)

These were the shots that crushed me the most. I had loitered. I had been immensely patient. I had worked out shots between items on their stand. I then totally stuffed it. Shits me!!

No. 1 was F6.3, 1/15, 800, 171mm
No. 2 was F6.3, 1/15, 800, 171mm
No. 3 was F5.0, 1/30, 1600, 131mm
No. 4 was F6.3, 1/15, 800, 208mm

And I think the problem lies mainly in the distance I was shooting from given the conditions! A long lens is a trap. I should have been no further than say the full length of my shorter lens which is 55mm. I should have each photo at 1600 ISO to give me room to move for aperture and s/s. Then turn the aperture down as low as possible which is about F5.0 and yank the s/s up as quick as possible - 1/40 plus would probably have done it. And the cloudy WB makes it too orange.

They were a gorgeously down-to-earth couple with a business called Ritzy Bits. He was Rex that rhymes with ... She was more oz than you would credit by her dress sense. Very easy to talk with and gorgeous to look at, both of them.


Shawna said...

I adore the idea of this blog!

Shawna's Study Abroad

Ann said...

No help here, I'm afraid, except to say that those shutter speeds are probably too slow to hand hold. I'm still trying to work out what went wrong on Monday. I thought the ones with the new lens would have worked. So should the others but they are terribly over exposed. They looked okay on the screen.

Had a look at Elements last night. Its easy to change the colour space so will put up a comparison, probably on the weekend. Today's shot of meanderings looks very flat.

What do you mean by you like the contrast setting? All I was trying to do was get enough light in the house without the sky blowing out too much. If I exposed for the sky (to get clouds etc) the house was very dark. I find that really difficult to get.

Julie said...

Yes, I find getting a realistic sky really hard too.

What I meant was that your in-camera Photo Style has a nice contrast setting to my eye. I have my Standard Photo Style set to 6 which gives the camera a good base to start from. Still doesn't help with a washed out sky, though.

Ann said...

MIne is just set on default for all that. Can't be bothered fiddling with it, I'm more likely to stuff it up at the moment. Its just on standard. I do any b&w conversions in Elements.