Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Julie (151) - Tim the baker

Tim was lovely: so many of the stall holders were patient and obliging. They would chat and explain: they would cajole and understand. They probably had to kick the dog when they got home!

So ... why are these out of focus? Is it the settings? Aperture and s/s and stuff ... bloody stuff. Is it that I am too fast and pull the camera away at the very instant that the image is being recorded for posterity?

The top image has these stats: F9.0, /s 1/50, ISO=100, 171mm
The bottom image has these stats: F9.0, s.s 1/50, ISO=100, 135mm

Not a lot of difference, is there? With one you zoomed in closer than with the other. I think this had nowt to do with camera and all to do with person behind camera.

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Ann said...

The stats look fine, the ss isn't that slow. I suspect you were a bit nervous and hurrying which is my problem.