Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Julie (152) - Rosemary the florist

Could it be something to do with the very narrow focal area that I have set? It is in focus at the very point that I have focussed - and the rest is increasingly blurred.

The first shot I am not unhappy with: the hand is blurred because she was gesticulating. That is cool ... And I think I can see a difference between the problem with the second shot here and the shots from yesterday. Today is camera shake whereas yesterday was lack of focus.

The stats today:
Top F8.0, 1/20, ISO=100, 135mm
Bottom F8.0, 1/20, ISO=100, 163mm

I think I moved the camera as I took the shot. And 1/20 is not particularly fast. I could have taken the aperture larger and the s/s faster. Tarnations ...


Ann said...

I think you are right. The bottom one looks like camera shake. 1/20 is probably too slow, might have worked better at F4 or F5.6. It also has a blue cast, what WB were you using (I've gone back to auto - its easier, unless I particularly want to get a warm look by setting cloudy).

Just ordered myself some new toys - 2x4 gig memory cards (which will give me a total of 14 gig to take o/s - surely that's enought?!), lens hood for the 50mm and graduated neutral density filter starter kit and associated attachments (its going to be interesting working out how to use this one properly).

Julie said...

I dont know what WB I had but you are right: in comparison with Tim from yesterday, this one looks blue and he looks warm. The two stalls were across a walkway from each other!

I know I have been trying to wean myself off Cloudy and think that Flouro will suit me better than tungsten which really really is blue.

As for those things you have bought: one of them sounds like an illness!! On my travel blog I am just starting to put up shots from France last year. I have not given thought yet to what I will take to Hobart. But that is only for a week and I will come home to the same place each evening.

I am off to town tomorrow evening to buy another warm coat - my daughter says my current one is past it! Might try to drop into Ted's ... must get my shopping done first though. My daughter has a good line in tut-tutting ...

bitingmidge said...

A graduated ND filter eh? Sounds very complicated to me!

FWIW I always leave my WB on auto and fix it if I have to. It's very very good though, so I rarely need to do anything.

On one or two occasions I've noticed a blue tinge or whatever, and changed it while shooting, but usually I don't bother.

14 days to go till the next lot of travel photos start, no portraits at the moment, and blogger won't upload as scheduled on my blogs!