Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cara (031) Peter

Peter was roaring laughing about 5 seconds before I took this - the shot I was really going for!
This is the last posting for my Greek Festival group and I think perhaps the portrait I was most happy with, despite me not getting him mid-laugh. The light is softer and far more to the side as he was closer to me on Florin's left. I like the way he looks directly into the camera.


Julie said...

Oh, yes ... this is a compleat photograph, Cara. This shows the inner man. The focus. the composition. The light.

Dun good, girl!!

bitingmidge said...

If I said it was a cracker, Cara, would the alliteration police arrest me?

Now see, you can capture pommie light here too.

Damn! I can't go on about strong the contrast of the light here as if I know what I'm talking about any more.....

Ann said...