Thursday, July 9, 2009

Julie (153) - Jeanette and her jams

Looking at the stats for these three, I think that I can see a little bit of learning. Yikes! That will not do!!
The first shot is in focus. It is a bit dark. But essentially it is a point and shoot shot.
Stats for the top shot: F9.0, 1/30, ISO=100, 55mm

So I wanted more concentration on the stall-holder: but stuffed it. Way too dark and out of focus.
Stats for the middle shot: F9.0, 1/30, ISO=100, 171mm
So there is the effect of zooming in: the light is squashed out. So somehow more light must be let in because of the zoom in. Obviously I need to adjust either aperture or s/s.

Ahha ... this is about right to my eye. So what did I do to adjust?
Stats for bottom shot: F8.0, 1/25, ISO=100, 146mm
I took the easy does it approach. Opened the aperture a stop. Took the s/s down by a full step. And eased off a bit with the zoom. All three adjustments let in more light and gave a better composition.

It helped that she smiled a bit, too ...


bitingmidge said...

I would have flashed her. (Photographically of course.)

Julie said...

But I am trying to teach myself somethiing first ... once I know what I am doing with F and s/s and ISO and mm ... then I will resort to Flash to get the photo ... the photo itself is of lesser import at this stage.

Ann said...

What's your initial decision - are you setting aperture first or ss first?

Julie said...

That is interesting. Had not thought of that. I always set aperture first.

I will try setting s/s first for a while and see what difference that makes. Taa ...

Ann said...

Didn't mean that. Was just curious why you had gone for that aperture. Thought you may have been setting ss first. Personally for this kind of shot, unless I wanted to freeze movement, I'd set aperture first, but probably use a 4 or 5.6.