Friday, July 10, 2009

Julie (154) - Carlos the Spaniard

The morning sun, low in the sky, was in his eyes and he adjusted the umbrella - which made my task beyond my skill! Michaela reckoned that I take a reading for the shade; take a reading for the light. And then split the difference. Not sure how to do that: split the difference.
Top left: F9, 1/125, ISO=100, 123mm
Top right: F9, 1/125, ISO=100, 115mm
So, I tried to solve the problem by zooming in, but was way tentative.

Bottom left: F9, 1/40, ISO=100, 200mm
Bottom right: F9, 1/125, ISO=100, 116mm
So I tried to zoom in and slow the s/s to make up for the lack of light. With two effects: the facial features are more distinct, but the hand lacks all definition. I then got confused and reverted to a previous setting which I had already proved crook. Duh!

I needed to zoom in: the 200mm focal length was right.
The difference between the s/s I tried was too dramatic - try 1/80 but also open up the aperture a little by going to F8 and open up the ISO a little by going to 200.
Therefore: F8, 1/80, ISO=200, 200mm

What do you think?


bitingmidge said...

I'd let the camera do the thinking!

Actually on this one I'd tend to concentrate on the face, so I'd use the centre (spot) focus mode on my camera, which links the exposure meter to just that area.

If you use the centre weighted averaging mode, you'll get a similar result without all the angst. Cameras are smarter than me, so I like to let them use their own brain.

So put the bit you want exposed correctly in the centre, focus, then leaving the shutter half down to hold the focus and exposure setting, move your composition to where you want it.

That's pretty much how I take all my shots.

My camera has a focus/exposure mode that I can move off centre, but I can never see the point?

altadenahiker said...

Blown up, I like the one in the upper left. He's lovely.

cara said...

I'm impressed you even attempted this one. It's a cake and eat-it thing, isn't it? From where you were standing I would have zoomed in for just the face or just the hands.

I may have tried to get under the umbrella to go for a more intrusive angle from below... in my head it looks nice but not so sure if that would have been practicable.

Ann said...

Looking at the one on the bottom left F9 at 1/50 or 1/60 may have worked but I'm with Cara, this sort of situation is in the too hard basket although I'd give it a shot with the fast lens to see what happened.