Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Julie (156) - Uncle Andrew helps out

I think my WB was fine: I think the colour was coming from the oranges!

I did not speak to Uncle Andrew but to Rocco who controlled the stall and who cajoled Uncle Andrew to work instead of his bro' (Rocco's father) who was ill. Rocco has an orchard down Goulbourn way. He married a lass from out Orange way: the daughter of a market gardener. All very much a family affair.


Ann said...

You could be right, the people in the background look okay. I like the colour on him in the bottom one, especially against the blue in the background.

bitingmidge said...

I love the glow in the bottom one too, it's almost a winner!

As with Jess, you seem to be having a challenge with fine focus. Mostly I think it's slight camera shake rather than focus that's taking away the sharpness. I'm still overcoming that after a goodly time of frustration, but that's where Shutter priority is useful to up the speed a notch or two.