Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cara (036) Inga

Inga is from Amsterdam - she says over there lots of people decorate their bikes like this. I just love it! She and her bike are very photogenic.

I think I would have liked to get more of the bicycle in this shot - and Inga was wearing a great pair of shoes the colour of her helmet. I suppose herein lies the challenge. You are taking up someone's valuable time so you try and get the shots taken as quickly as possible. I think maybe I need to take a deep breath and think about things a bit more.

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Julie said...

And this is where some of the challenge lies. I found it useful to be able to keep up a line of chatter as I took the photos, thereby engaging the subject, keeping them naturally responding to me, but all the time moving around to get different angles with different settings.

A totally exhausting hobby ... but fun once you can do a million things at once.