Friday, November 6, 2009

Cara (039) Peter

Here's the guitarist. Another one I haven't seen since.
I think my photography has improved a bit since then. Things I would do differently: focus properly for a start...either on the hands or the face.


Julie said...

It is good to go back and see what one would do differently. I agree with you: make a decision about what your photo is really about, the person or what the person is doing. Then you go about getting a depth of field that blurrs out the vegetation to just a duller green but with the focal point more obvious.

She invited interesting folk to this soiree by the river, didn't she?

Now to rustle me up another post for today.

Ann said...

I know my photography has imporved markedly since I started blogging. There is no way I would have even attempted some of the travel portraits without the 100 Strangers experience.