Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cara (040) Chester

Chester came to Australia as an American soldier in World War 2, met a lovely Aussie girl and never went back. He and his wife watched their kids grow up and then jumped on a small sailing boat and sailed around the world for 13 years ending up in the Torres Strait. He continues to have a wonderful life, now in Christmas Creek, counting the kids that come and swim in his pool (of which there are many). Me and Chester have since become friends.
Taken Spring 2008.


Julie said...

I like the structure of this shot, Cara. I think Chester is his own context. What a interesting and different life to reflect back upon. Chester would have to be in his 80s now if he served in WW2. Power to him.

You have some interesting folk in this series. Glad you iincluded them in as Strangers.

Ann said...

What a wonderfully expressive face. This is a really interesting group of people, no wonder you enjoyed their company.

Ann said...

I just realised you took this before we even started this blog - natural talent, really like the composition.

altadenahiker said...

Just guessing, but bet if anything breaks, this man can fix it.