Monday, November 9, 2009

Julie(220) - Hetty

Hard to believe that Hetty is one little dynamo! She walks with a firm tread, although her shoulders are heavily stooped. She is quick and definite with her opinions. She does not like that there are too many NZ and Irish horses in the Melbourne Cup. Hetty is well under 5' tall.


Ann said...

There is so much in her eyes that I find it difficult to look at this photo.

cara said...

Wow. That's an incredible face - how was she about having her picture taken?

Julie said...

She was not too bad. I asked her at the beginning of the time we were in the TV room but did not take it immediately, prefering to wait until she was preoccupied rather than posing. She has a very gutteral and very Australian voice. Very opinionated and forward. Quite endearing as an elderly person amongst others who rarely talk. But I suspect that as she grew up, her outspokenness got her into strife.