Thursday, March 4, 2010

Peter 074 - Scott

Scott is an apprentice working in Naracoorte which is just close enough to Robe to allow him to get down to check his crayfish pots after work.  The photo was taken as he and his father cruised by the jetty on the way back to the boat ramp with the day's catch.


Julie said...

Ooops ... been a bit distracted of late. Sorry to have not seen this earlier.

See, I would have stuffed this by using something like F5.0 which would have blurred the ocean ... and it is the background that allows the foreground to be so perfect!

Well Iregon anyways ...

cara said...

I didn't even think about that. If someone was cruising past on a boat, I'd have a hard enough time turning the camera on, let alone deciding what settings to use.

bitingmidge said...

1/60 @ F22
I was hoping to get a bit of motion blur on the ocean, I think I did, but I managed to get a bit on Scott as well!

My panning skills need work, lots of work!

And it's not that hard cara, there's a four knot limit so you have time to see them coming, it's amazing how many people "perform" for the camera if you train it on them as they go past.

It's not always faces though! ;-)

Ann said...

I missed this too. Well done. I rarely think to use F22 for anything other than landscape because the shutter speed often drops too low to hand hold and I've stuffed up a lot of shots that way.