Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cara (050) Defying Gravity

The Adelaide Street end of Albert Street, near Rocking Horse Records, is a hangout for those with fantastic hair and interesting piercings a la these three. I didn't get their names but they were happy for me to take their picture. Lovely, wholesome punks!
Had they been old-school punks, they probably would have trod on my camera, told me to sod off and flashed me the 2-finger salute so I feel quite happy about this one.


bitingmidge said...

Lovely shot and lovely kids too!

I've been waiting for someone just like them to come along. Well done!

Ann said...

Wonderful! Well done. This is one subculture I'm reticent to approach.

Julie said...

There seems to be an inner contradiction here. As though they are play-acting ...

Firstly, they look well-washed and their hair not greasy. They each have sparkles in the eye, rather than drugged-out eyes. They look fresh faced. And the woman has makeup on and is wearing lipstick.

Something does not quite gel ... where are all the toxic zits, the surly attitudes and the grime?