Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Peter 075 - Geoff

 Playing for sheepstations.  
Geoff has driven to Kiama from Albury Wodonga to brush up his Canasta skills under the shade of a tarp in the camping ground.

In between modest quantities of home brew, bouts of fishing and just plain hanging around, there's high tension each afternoon, under the big blue tarp.


Julie said...

I will continue the Abbott-negativity ...

What is it with Geoff ... Comes from A-W, sleeps under a tarp, plays canasta around a camp (fire) ... yet wears a bloody ear-ring.

How un-Aussie is that!!

Ann said...

Tarp looks green to me. Is that concern on his face or the reflection of a strategy forming.

bitingmidge said...

The tarp is out of shot, the green is his tent, well spotted Ann!

And Julie, I believe it's a stud! (In his ear I mean!)