Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peter 077 - Lee

When Lee isn't busy keeping tabs on Jeff's sartorial efforts, she's also a dab hand with a hand full of printed cardboard.  Today's results perhaps indicate that she's better off playing with someone other than her life partner if she wants to win! 
I confess, I've broken the rules:  She hates seeing photos of herself, so asked me to delete this photo from my computer.  Out of consideration for her I did that, but I liked it enough to post it first.... hmmm, that's probably not cool is it?


Julie said...

Tsk tsk tsk ... who's a naughty boy then!

Also, not cool varying the spelling of the name.

I would find it hard to play cards with someone smoking.

That debate really infected me, hey!

Ann said...

Naughty! but I really like it, even with the cigarette.

Julie said...

Yeah, the cool thing is that he focussed on Lee, yet Geoff/Jeff's cards are just the visibility that adds to the image BUT there is no movement blur on her hand as she went to pick up the card. Her hand must have been moving all the time. The only blur that is there is caused by the DoF.

This is bordering on complimentary ... I'd better stop.

bitingmidge said...

1/50 @ 5.6 but I was too close to have sufficient DOF, had I been further away, the problem would have been better resolved I think. Slower than 1/50 and these shaky hands wouldn't have managed a sharp shot.

Hmmm, Jeff/Geoff.... careless of me!

Lynda said...

Lovely photo's as always, they really seem to capture a 'feeling' about the person .... each and every one !