Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cara (052) Guys in the park (1)

I was wandering around New Farm Park last Saturday with my camera dangling around my neck when this table of 4 Aboriginal blokes jokingly called out and asked if I was going to take their picture. They were in great spirits, asking where I was from and somehow knew that I had Irish parentage. Must be the famous Gartland Charm. When I showed them the pictures I'd taken they laughed at eachother and insisted on getting a picture with Darryl, my fella, who was looking on with increasing amusement.

In all the excitement I forgot to get their names.


Ann said...

Oh good, I was wondering why you didn't put your blog one up here.

Julie said...

Now I have to check out your blog photo!

I like this photo as a photo. Not sure I am so keen on the sociological implications.

cara said...

Hmmm.. Do you mean because they were having a drink?

Julie said...


cara said...

I do know what you mean...but then that's what they were doing at the time they called me over. If it had been a bunch of white people drinking, I don't think there would be this issue.

One thing that really struck me when I moved to Brisbane (and I guess this is true for other southern capitals) is that you don't see too many Aboriginal men. The groups you do see are often drinking. It's part of Aussie life and yet so casually ignored by passers by.. like they're not even there.

Part of me was just happy to get a picture with some Aboriginal men in it. Part of me wishes the booze wasn't in shot because I wouldn't have to enter this debate and part of me thinks that I'm just showing it like it is... and if it makes people uncomfortable and provokes debate then maybe that's a good thing.

Any thoughts?

Julie said...

I agree that if it had been a bunch of white people drinking it would not have been an issue ... unless ... they were street people.

Having walked through Redfern every day for three years to go to work, I am used to seeing bunches of Aboriginal people sitting around, mucking around. Not very often I saw them drinking because in that part of Sydney, street drinking is against the law. I don't think it is that people (white people) ignore them. I think it is that we reckon they have a right to drink if that is what they want to do, just like we do.

I remember how pleased I was when I got my first Aboriginal Stranger (Robert #19) and how hard it had been to ask.

I think the debate is a useful one to have. I think the photo was a good one to take.