Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cara (053) Guys in the park (2)


Ann said...

Absolutely love it.

Re your and Julie's conversation, I think its reinforcing the stereotype of aboriginal men with alcohol. Certainly in Sydney I'd be loath to approach them as they can get quite aggressive. Although I did approach the big, tattooed Samoan guy on the train - and he was lovely.

cara said...

Thanks for your input. I am still unsure how I feel about the whole thing... one thing's for sure - it makes you focus on the responsibility of the photographer.

bitingmidge said...

Nice work Cara.

FWIW I have no problems with stereotyping. Let's face it, they were there, doing what they do. If there is a stereotypical behaviour and they happen to be behaving it, then that's fair cop. If you were to present them in a context which was different from reality then that may be the cause for some introspection.

I don't think that reporting simply as you have done should cause any angst whatsoever!

Julie said...

I agree that they were behaving stereotypically.

However, would you post on the homeless? Or on the disabled? Or on the retarded?

Or is this different because they choose to drink. I agree they did not choose to be Aboriginal.

Should one photograph a car accident or help the injured? Or is that casting a too wide net?

Ann said...

Isn't this the crux of photojournalism. Waht's more important, to help the injured or get the story? Read an article on this recently, possibly in the weekend paper by a photojournalist who said he isn't a medic so concentrates on doing the best job he can to get the story out to the world.