Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cara (65) 5 guys drinking coffee

You should have seen me. It was like being back at number 1 again as far as nerves went. It's been far too long.  I walked past and thought how great they all looked and I really should get their picture but I was too nervous to ask. And they were all deep in conversation in a different language. I walked past them and killed some time reading a review posted in the doorway of the cafe. Still too chicken. Walked another 10 metres and had another internal debate. You always remember the photos you don't take, don't you? I knew it was difficult light so took some test shots into a similar shaded shop front and then went up to them with a big smile. I made eye contact with the one who was wearing normal glasses and he said no problem. I explained that they were for a blog but I don't think they were particularly interested in it.

Five guys in total but I couldn't get them all in one shot because of the car behind me. Could have done with a fish-eye!
I think two big mistakes were that firstly I took only 3 photos and secondly they were all from this boring standing angle! (Have I not learned anything??) I should have got right up close, knelt down on the ground, taken shots of them individually.... but I was on a narrow, busy footpath and I was worried about disturbing them for too long.


Ann said...

At first I thought you couldn't count.I have the same problem. The professionals all say take as long as you need to get the shot. I keep worrying about annoying people. It doesn't take long to lose confidence, that's where festivals are so good - nobody cares, they are all up for a photo.

bitingmidge said...

I don't know how this snuck past me Cara! I know that feeling well I'm afraid, I desperately wanted to take a photo on the tube today..... call me gutless if you will, I even had my flash out ready, but the words didn't actually come out of my mouth.

Well done!

cara said...


The other day I got two huge knock backs including one from three lovely old ladies eating fish and chips. The one in the middle blurted out her angry refusal before I even had a chance to finish asking. Then I got shoed away by some Muslim guys at a cafe like I was some sort of annoying insect. Then I went to Coles and bought myself a big bag of crisps.

Virginia said...

I"m a 100+ Stranger here in my Birmingham and at 83 I think for FRENCH strangers which I'll admit I don't say much to! I had the same internal debate with four French madames on a bench at the Jardin des Plantes once. I walked past, then turned around,asked, "S'il vous plait???" Snapped twice and ran off.

here's the link. You can see why I was so nervous!http://paristhroughmylens.blogspot.com/2009/05/afternoon-at-jardin-des-plantes.html

As for your guys, I like their casual poses!