Friday, March 29, 2013

Peter 098 and 099 - Dave and Gerry

Dave and Gerry have been friends for much of their live, happily lived in New Zealand.   Dave has been attempting to see a solar eclipse for almost as long as they've known each other, having failed miserably until November 2012.  The last but one being an aborted yachting expedition in Tahiti, so camping in the wilds of North Queensland was hardly a challenge.

This photograph, taken under the light of a partial eclipse does as much to describe the elation they felt, in succeeding after watching as thunderclouds began to cross the sky in the early morning as it does to express their mateship.

This is another "technical" cheat really, for while I had just met Dave, Gerry was not a stranger, but I shall count him as a "head" anyway!


Pierre BOYER said...

Interesting picture,
I love their smily faces...


cara said...

Lots to love about this photo. The excitement, the body language, the detail in the skin, the glasses, the expressions... so that's pretty much everything.... oh and the depth of field and colour temperature. And the light.

Ann said...

You've really captured the joy in this photo. They have so much character in their faces.