Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ann 74/100 - Sean

I took this to b&w because of the distractions in the background, there was a lot of orange and red around. Unfortunately it loses the red of the RFS on his cap. As Peter said at one stage, if you are going to take photos in Aus, you are going to get a lot of sunglasses. There were some great characters amongst the South Katoomba RFS boys. Sean wasn't the most interestesting but I like this one because its natural. The others were much more posed.


Julie said...

What does his badge say: "Am I dead yet?" You've gotta love that!

He looks so uproariously happy and laid back. The B&W is good but maybe that is the effect of the salt'n'pepper beard. I like how candid this one looks.

bitingmidge said...

I continue to like 'em! I like the B&W choice as well.

I have a small outing today, got to order some stuff at a landscape supplier. Hope to get back into it soon, it's starting to itch!