Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Julie (81/100) - The lead guitarist

These came so close to working - but the noise spoils each of them. The guitarist, Rex Goh, was on a stage about 20' away and about 8' high. He is a stranger but I did not ask his permission. I have never had to cope with this sort of lighting before. There were times when I was close to max zoom on my 12x optical. Most times I used flash with my diffuser.

How do I improve the clarity of the shot. They might be a little out of focus but not much. It is the amount of noise that ruins the shots. Speaking of noise: I wonder if there is such a role as audiologist to rock stars.


Julie said...

Changed my mind a few times between which of the two landscapes to lead with. Doesn't really matter: they both have similar problems.

I have a few more bills to clear before I can contemplate a d-SLR. But unless I know what I am doing wrong, there is no point in spending money and still get poor quality images. They are bad enough at this size, but when you click they are embarrassing.


bitingmidge said...

Good try though! Another tough challenge you've set yourself!

Maxing the zoom in poor light will make it harder to get a sharp shot - camera shake will be exaggerated, and you won't get the widest aperture the camera is capable of. Similarly using the flash in this situation will reduce the drama provided by the stage lighting.

Have a look at some of my nephew's shots and click on the "more properties" links. You'll get an idea of how the pro's do it, but bear in mind, he gets to be on stage so he sure doesn't need a zoom!

Julie said...

Taa ...

Had a quick look at a few and also their properties. Will look again this evening. Certainly gives me good ideas about composition at the same time.

Ann said...

I tried a few of these at Womad and couldn't get them. I think you need a tripod, and a good zoom with a long exposure. I think you've done pretty well with what you have.