Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Peter 046 - Tye

I met Tye in Kathmandu.

That's the outdoorsy sports place, not the trekking destination. He's a lot sharper than this photo I have to say, and a lot less concerned than perhaps he seems here watching the till do whatever it is that tills do.

I tried too hard to capture him in front of the beaut snow scene behind, but the shop lighting is there to foil photographers!

Back on my bike it would seem!


Julie said...

Wu-hoo ... yes indeedy ... back on the bike.

He doesn't not look sharp: just preoccupied.

You have it all over in that corner, yes? The subject, the shadow and the background whatsit.

But it is still an interesting study. Any one who lets his hair fall from the top of his head to the underneath of his chin, has to be called an interesting study.

Ann said...

Not sure about the shadow, but then it would be very bland without it. Was wondering what that background was. I like him over in the corner. I'm trying to stay away from Kathmandu until I've lost a bit more weight, although I do need to pick up some stuff before I go away.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Phew I'm back home too after a camera free 7 or 8 days (working not wayfaring). It's fun to catch up on the blogs. You guys seem to be really experimenting at the moment.

bitingmidge said...

The background is actually a photo mural of an arctic (Upper Kathmandu?) scene. The dark bit is part of a person, the speckly stuff is the grain of the print - all snow.

I tried to get Tye fitting into the scene, but it didn't work with the shop lighting.