Thursday, December 24, 2009

Peter 066 - Dume

Dume, despite having a perfectly good boat of his own, kept eyeing off mine.
He is French, a sculptor and a terribly nice bloke to boot, so we swapped boats for the afternoon.  After a bit more time on the Sunshine coast, it's back in the campervan to South Australia where he'll be working with the community on a large art installation in Beachport in the early part of next year.
Some of his work can be found on the web at Dume Sculpteur.


altadenahiker said...

Handsome fellow, nice boat.

Julie said...

I would more my boat at his pier any time!

Nice reflection in the old sunnies there, Peter, and a you-beaut DoF. Love how the boat is in one lens and you in t'other. Actually, I am green with envy, meboyo. I want to go out and shoot the first hunk I see.

This is such an inspirational composition, y'know. I am getting faster at seeing the shot, adjusting the settings and clicking. I still get anxious and some shots have shake but that is lessening.

For a frog he sure wears our hats good.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yeh, Julie's right your photos just get better and better ... wouldn't pick him for a Frenchman.