Friday, July 20, 2012

Peter 096 - Lars

Lars has owned his boat for thirty years, and it was old when he bought it.  

 Last summer in his native Sweden he "found" an old wooden house in a forest, tracked down the owner and bought it.   He then dismantled it stick by stick and rebuilt it on his own land over winter.

This kept him away from his boat for almost a year, so he is now spending this summer bringing the boat back up to scratch.

Technical note: having committed myself to photographs in landscape format for this series, I couldn't get a shot that I liked, so rather than give in, I framed it through the back door of our boat.


Stefan Jansson said...

Lars sounds like a man who likes to do it his own way.

bitingmidge said...

I'm sorry I missed your comment Steffe, he is not alone, here is the last we saw of them: